Broadly speaking, the notion of building an investment portfolio that is both diversified and comprehensive involves building what many investment professionals call a “Core”.

Traditionally, a Core is made of passively managed securities (e.g. index funds, ETFs, passive mutual funds) and uses a traditional benchmark, usually the S&P 500, to benchmark/compare for performance.

iCore, or Intelligent Core, moves past this approach by expanding how your investments are managed. Galleon iCore accounts include options for true diversification, ultra-low-fees, and active management by teams of professional portfolio managers.

Although all Galleon accounts can be used for building a cost-effective core, an intelligent core (iCore) narrows your selection to specific asset classes and sub-classes, while greatly expanding the types of investment products available within each class, all of which are not typically managed actively without much higher fees. The result is a truly diversified investment account that has the potential to help you meet your investment goals and objectives.

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